SEDANTE neo SD-5702

                  A product of a process seeking better therapeutic effects and ease of use

                  Low-frequency wave and interferential current combination therapeutic instrument, SEDANTE neo

                  By re-examining the two main features of therapeutic waveforms and operability, an electrical stimulation therapeutic instrument completely different from existing instruments has been developed.

                  Examples of treatment

                  4-electrode treatment

                  Shoulders. Flat cups are used.

                  4-electrode treatment

                  Elbow joint. Flat cups are used.

                  4-electrode treatment

                  Knee joint. Flat cups are used.

                  6-electrode treatment (2-electrode treatment using 3 pairs)

                  Lower back. Flat cups are used.

                  Example of 6-electrode treatment (crossing position)

                  Knee joint. Soft suction cupSs are used.

                  4-electrode treatment

                  Cervical spine. Techno-Gel electrodes are used. (Optional accessory)

                  Equipped with multi-impact wave, a new therapeutic waveform, which is expected to expand pain relief therapy

                  Multi-impact wave

                  • l Very-low therapeutic frequency of 0.1 pps to 0.9 pps provides a deep massage experience.
                  • l The multi-impact wave provides a range of stimulation, even with 2 electrode treatment.
                  • The carrier frequency of 20,000 Hz enables softer stimulation.

                  CA mode

                  CA mode equipped with a multi-impact wave that increases and decreases the carrier frequency at high speed. Delivering various stimulation sensations by alternating components.

                  Multi-impact wave(* This illustration visualizes electrical stimulation.)

                  CA mode stands for Combined IFC Advanced Mode. This mode is designed so that a variety of patient symptoms can be effectively treated with multi-impact waves.
                  The patient can experience stimulation with stereoscopic depth and extent.

                  The multi-impact wave offers stimulation variety by changing the carrier frequency, therapeutic frequency, modulation degree and intensity. Increasing and decreasing the carrier frequency effectively stimulates both superficial and deeper parts. The degree of modulation gives a feeling of stimulation to the skin surface, and a long-lasting persisting feeling of the efficacy can be expected by this stimulation. The therapeutic frequency employs very-low frequency (0.1 pps to 0.9 pps) creating strong stimulation, and patients experience slow and deep massage.

                  Different stimulation sensation at different therapeutic frequencies

                  Low frequency range

                  A feeling of slow and robust muscle massage as well as soft and springy stimulation becomes available with very-low frequency stimulation.

                  Middle frequency range

                  It stimulates with a bouncy beat with changing stimulation points.

                  High frequency range

                  It gives impactful but appropriate stimulation among fine stimulation sensations.

                  A wide array of CA mode parameters enable settings depending on symptoms.

                  • Combinations of frequency ranges available depending on symptoms and treated areas.(High,Medium,Low,High + Medium,Medium + Low,High + Medium + Low)
                  • Stimulation intensity setting enables adjusting stimulation from the surface to deep parts.(Mild,Soft,Hard)
                  • Random intensity setting for stimulation that dynamically changes and does not tire the patient.(H1,H2,H3)
                  • Switching to 6-electrode interference mode by electrode switch that provides stereoscopic body stimulation.(4-electrodes (suction),6-electrodes (suction),4-electrodes (SHS))

                  CM mode

                  CM mode suitable for alternate stimulation

                  CM mode stands for Combined Modulation Mode, providing stimulation by alternating two types of modulating waves, 50% modulating and 50% burst respectively. The carrier wave itself is modulated and stimulates immediately beneath the cups and the areas where two wave forms intersect. Accordingly, this mode is more effective for patients who are relatively accustomed to stimulation.

                  CI mode

                  CI mode, a traditional combination of interference waves

                  CI mode stands for Combined IFC Mode and stimulates like massaging while moving by switching IFC and IFCW alternatively. The therapeutic frequency switches between high- and low-frequency bands alternately, stimulating from surface to deeper parts.

                  Flat cups

                  Electrode cups, ease of use for users, and more comfortable for patients

                  The shape and texture of the cup was totally reassessed for improving bodily sensation.

                  Thin design for ease of use under clothes

                  Soft suction cup S (3J)

                  Flat cup

                  The height of cups was reduced by about 35% (as compared with our existing product, soft suction cup S (3J)). It became easier to wear the cups for therapeutic sites under clothes.

                  Smooth coating for ease of wearing under clothes and increasing stain resistance

                  A smooth coating is applied on the surface of flat cups. The cups are now easy to be attached because they slip well under clothes and are thinner. The smooth coating is now less sticky, preventing the adhesion of dust and dirt.

                  The flat cup surface is covered with a smooth coating

                  Double-lip figure to obtain better fitting to the affected area

                  Increasing the contact area between the flat cup and the skin reduced air leakage by fitting to the affected area with less suction.

                  Increased the electrode area for improving bodily sensation

                  In order to improve bodily sensation, the electrode area was increased by about 1.8 times larger than our existing product. The bodily sensation becomes milder; more delicate stimulation is realized.

                  Square cord

                  Square cord, seeking ease of use without getting tangled

                  One common problem with electrical stimulation therapy is tangled tube cords. We have been studying how to make the tube cords more distinguishable with colors and for handling with less tangling. The new version of the tube cord was designed by reconsidering the shape. Four cords were arranged and bundled in two rows to minimize the bunch width. Considering how to conduct the therapy more smoothly and easily, we designed the three components of the tube cord, cups and electrode tray as a single unit.

                  Existing tube cord

                  Square cord

                  Wing tray unit

                  Wing-shaped tray for better handling and arrangement

                  Wing-shaped wing tray unit

                  The wing-shaped tray for electrodes makes it easier to arrange and handle the electrodes because some slippage occurs when the electrodes are placed. Each of the 2 concaves of the tray can neatly contain 3 electrodes and 3 tube cords for each side, making handling easier. The hangers attached under the electrode tray prevent the square cords from touching the floor to keep them hygienic. The hangers also prevent cords from being caught in the casters.

                  The hangers prevent the square cords from touching the floor

                  Each of the two tray concaves can accommodate three tube cords on each side


                  For better visibility and operability

                  To prevent errors, the vertical alignment of each set of current level meter, timer and output volume are emphasized and distinguished with colors.

                  Switches to change settings were designed with a rounded configuration with projection and gloss to increase visibility and handiness.

                  Electrode set options

                  Choice of electrodes available for your intended application and areas

                  Flat cup, which is easy to insert under the clothes; Soft suction cup S, which sticks strongly to therapeutic sites even on arms and joints, and Techno-Gel electrode for NEMS training and for places that cups cannot be attached to are available for your needs.

                  Flat cup

                  Soft suction cup S

                  Techno-Gel electrode


                  Commodity code


                  Main power

                  AC100V 50/60Hz or AC220V 50/60Hz

                  Power consumption






                  Output current

                  70mArms and less

                  Output terminal

                  4Polar 3CH x 2 or 6Polar 2CH x 2

                  Suction level

                  OFF, -5 - -30kPa

                  Treatment time

                  1-99min (1 min step), Continuous
                  *Default: 1-30 min

                  Safety function

                  Overcurrent stop, Imbalance stop,
                  Electrode off stop, Zero start,
                  Auto-lock of output, Key-lock

                  Electrical class, type

                  Class I, Type BF

                  SEDANTE neo Clinical guide


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